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100th Post & £100...

A few weeks ago, this happened! You can read the full write up here.

So I was minding my own business when an email pings through from the style sharing website, Today I'm Wearing, I'd only gone an been chosen as their Style Star of the Week!!! 

This in itself is amazing but it gets better, £100 of Topshop vouchers BETTER!!!

I've spent them 10 times over in my head already and for some reason (massively out of character), I'm thinking that I should spend them wisely...(I barely recognise myself...). Today, on my 100th post (how did that happen??!) I bring the Topshop shortlist and the whys...

Jumpers...well it has got nippy...;
I LOVE this WHOLE look! It's a different look for me but, not... I'm edging towards this! It was the jumper first and then I saw this look and need it all! 
Jumper - buy here.

A style staple in my books and believe it or not, I don't have anything like this and feel like I'm lacking in some 'chuck on at weekend' tops! I see this with battered boy fit jeans, heels and something big and sparkly on the neck! I love the shape as it has that dipped back/high cut front that makes the casj 'tuck in the front of jeans/leather skirt' look effortless. Buy here.

Coats... YAY, season change..
I don't own ANYTHING like this at all - that's why I think I NEED it!!! I see this as a weekend jacket, snug, good colour and (subject to trying it on), looks like it would be a good style for me... I have swooned over  the boyfriend/pea coat style...even trying petite on, they drown me *super sad face*. This beauty looks like it would tick my boxes...I'm thinking add a big waist belt or wear open...Buy here.

Dress...Christmas parties or just because, I rarely buy a dress..?
Decisions, decisions....My 'Crimbo' party dress last year was verrry similar to the black feathered prom dress here...Baby blue to break the mould or stick with a good formula - add corset heels and the Michael Kors clutch?!? Buy both dresses here
Sleeveless crop lace dress...It's green, it's sassy and would look good with at least 3 pairs of shoes I own!!! Almost certainly a 'hair up' frock! Buy here.

Trousers...White for winter?
Textured trousers with front seam - These have been in my virtual 'basket' for about 2 months...I see seasons of wear out of these, surely a good investment and miles away from my battered jeans look? Right now, add jumper and heels or tailored tee and something huge on the neck! Buy here.

Shoes...because I appear to be buying a pair a week at the moment yet, lacking in flats (??!!)

I've been eyeballing metallic flats for a while, in fact, it is months so definitely not a whim...Buy here.
What do you think? What would you buy out of this little lot? More importantly, have I missed anything?


  1. Well done Karen! You really deserve it - most stylish lady on the site! xx

    1. Thanks Gemma!! I love outfit sharing, It's great for inspiration too ;-) xx

  2. Let's spend spend spend those babies!!
    Luvin' the lime fluffy jumper...and I've been wanting a silver brogue forever too :)


    1. I can't wait to spend!! We could be loafer twins! xx

  3. Aw well done Karen, well deserved!! Xx

  4. Dear Kelly,
    I’ve nominated you for a the Versatile blogger award, you can check it out on the following link:
    I’d also like to introduce you on my blog via a mini online interview. Please let me know if you are interested.
    Thanks a lot.
    Fab Friday,
    Anami :)


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