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The Post Pregnancy Shopping Edit...

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Let it be known, this edit is nowhere near final or exhaustive...

I've spent a couple of days editing my wardrobe, I'm down to ONE rail...Those that have stepped inside will know, this is a significant change.
There's 4 more rails that are bursting but are either 1) out of season 2) never gonna' fit in the next few months 3) corporate 4) getting sold.

(There's probably a '5' - it's all the stuff in boxes that were prepped for the maƱana house move!)

If you recall, I got BIIIIIIG, quick! This means that since January. I've been living in maternity/stretchy/not the ultimate outfit of choice and although I think I've worked the basics, I CANNOT wait to wear what I want again.

The screenshots album on my phone is bulging with possibles - Week 2 of mat-leave has been about organising these so that I don't go into a hormone fuelled retail frenzy as Baby G and I are being wheeled back to our room post arrival (too soon...?).

Here's a snippet of the list - I appreciate that it's not 'colourful', it's very casual but if nothing else, it's gonna' be a hard working collection until I figure myself out and also, see what happens to my body, post baby;

(all of the images are linked if you fancy beating me to it)

What do you think? Have I missed anything? Have you got any of these pieces?


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