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Loafing Around...

Stop the clock - I make that Maternity Leave! 

Ok, it's been a week since the mat-leave started but, I'm only just figuring out which way is up.

The list of stuff to be done before the BIG day is now decreasing (slightly), the baby clothes are washed - the Nursery is still work in progress, but then so is the (don't ever ask) it's on/off house move...

With regards to buying new clothes (for me), there has been no action at all in this area - what's the point?!

 Surprisingly, and if you follow me on Instagram you'll know, I've managed to shoehorn myself into some old jersey midi dresses and that's the uniform now until 1) baby arrives 2) the heatwave and crazy sweat moustache situation  pass by.

Shoes, shoes are my therapy - they make me happy, especially when there's 20% off!!! 

I've been eyeballing loafers for months - actually even now a bit annoyed that I didn't get involved sooner bearing in mind I'm obsessing with anything Gucci this season. That said, I hadn't made my mind up on the colour way I needed wanted...

I was torn between the white and the newly launched, blush. Michelle has the white and she is owning them all over Instagram - I however, looked more like Clark Griswold from The Lampoons.

The Office loafers are the perfect Gucci dupe at 10% of the price!! 

Buy the blush here.

Buy the white here.

Also available in RED, GOLD, BLACK - all trés Gucci.

The 20% off code is OFFICE20 online.

What do you think? Are you sold on loafers?




  1. How exciting - not long now!! Those blush loafers are cuuute. I don't own any buy definitely fancy a nice black sensible pair!

    T x

    1. Hey Mrs!! The black ones are stunning, you'd look amazing in them! xx

  2. Oi Mrs!! Are you trying to bankrupt me! ;0) How gorgeous are the Office loafers in pink?! Love, love, love them! They look superb with your grey jeans! Thank you for the fab mention lovely! xx p.s now you are on maternity leave I hope to catch up with you for a cuppa! xx

    1. Haha - I blame you so we are even?!

      Thank you annnnnd, you are very welcome! You were the push I needed!!

      Would love to meet up! xx


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