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7 Day Round Up...


It's been a busy week...Grab a brew (or gin) and get comfy.

Apart from the eat/drink/full/drunk rotation over the last seven days, it panned out something like this...

Collect bestie from her 24 hour flight from Oz to Heathrow
Head straight into London for brunch at Liberty
Shop on Regent Street on the hottest day of the year
Drive to the village of Petworth (quintessentially English)
Over night at a gorgeous cottage - just me and Andrea

Build the wedding of the year with other bestie - worthy of it's very own Pinterest following
Lunch with close friends and family
Back to the barn for finishing touches
Dinner with Team Bridesmaid, the Bride to be and Andrea
A couple of hours sleep

Concern grows for missing Bride - she'd gone for a walk, it's all good
Hair and make-up carnage
Dresses on
Bride nails it and she sweeps down the stairs
We all cry (again)
Cars arrive
Nerves kick in - I was doing a reading
Down the aisle
Reading goes well
Lil and Ian ensure there's not a dry eye in the house and become Mr and Mrs.
Drinks, lawn games and a tonne of photos
BBQ and the most incredible cheesecake to follow
Re-group (read sober up)
Evening guests arrive, band kicks in and the dance floor remains full until the carriages arrive
Spend half hour removing hair pins and back combing Amy Winehouse would be jealous of.

A champions breakfast
Dismantle the wedding and strip the barn to it's former state
3 hour drive back to the South West with Aussie bestie
Re-group for an hour
Girlsfriends arrive from the Midlands
Drink wine
Drink wine

Carb heavy breakfast
Head to Clifton for bubbles and food at The Avon Gorge 
(Sabbatical appreciation kicks in)
Back to mine, cook a huge curry and drink Sangria until the small hours

Coffee and fresh air with the girls
More food
Wave the Midland ladies off and hit the shops, again.

Breakfast with bestie and my mum
Take bestie to collect hire car and try not to cry as wave her off, again.
Still trying to remove the persistent Mac eyeliner applied for the wedding.

And now the pictorial review...

Obligatory shot at the Liberty flower market.

 A very new (and very favourite) top - buy here in cream and here in black
Old Zara jeans - the hole is new following a foot and rips incident - similar here
Bag - similar here
Sandals - buy in tan here (go up half size)

Eggs and Beefeaters

The wedding set up at Grittenham Barn

That flower ball was like nothing I'd ever seen before in my life, incredible.

What we wore...

Andrea (blogs over here);
Shirt - buy here
Jeans - buy here
Peep toe boots - similar here

Khaki trews - buy here and similar here
Denim jacket - similar here
Sandals - similar here
Bag - similar here
Tee - buy here

Over to the most amazing day celebrating with the beautiful couple...

Dessert...I die.

Bridesmaid reporting for duty.

Of course this happened.


Back to reality...Dinner and drinks seems to be the norm, daily (sometimes twice).

Leather skirt - similar here
Fine knit top - buy here (in the sale)
The most amazing shoes that have solved my summer shoe dilemma (even though they come undone every 30 paces) - Sold out online but these are similar (and in the sale).

Another day and the best view in town and the bestest of friends.

Clifton Suspension Bridge looking all pretty

('Tis the season for leather skirts..) A-line leather skirt - similar here
White tee - similar here
Them summer saviour sandals (as above)
Red bag - similar here
Gut - bloggers own

Finally today...Wearing;

(Yet another leather skirt - yep 3 days, 3 skirts) Leather straight skirt - very old.
Puma sneaks - buy here
Cambray shirt - similar here
Khaki jacket - similar here.

The next few days will be spent getting sober and applying the nil by mouth rule whilst, shopping the sales (my cardio).




  1. For god sake women.. Put some water with it. I'm drunk just reading this xxxxx

    1. Water all the way now... Until the weekend x

  2. Hi Karen, i was just wondering if you could tell me what size you bought that miss selfridge off the shoulder top in?
    Thank you!

    PS your blog is so bad for my bank balance! Been a follower for a few years now :)

  3. Hi! The top I have is an 8, I'd say it was true to size...

    Thank you so much for following ; ) x


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