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Jaeger Hosts Bath In Fashion Event - Part 3

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The smile says it all really...

The final post and a round up of the fabulous day with Jaeger at Jollys in Bath on Sunday.

I'm fully aware that I've waxed lyrical about Jaeger this week, it wasn't really on my radar before... I guess I had thought it was for the 'older' lady.. How wrong could I be...?!

In a talk last night, we heard from Sheila McKain-Waid (Creative Director of Womenswear at Jaeger), she said that since taking over 18 months ago, the collections are designed for the "intelligent" woman...Those that want classic English styling with a contemporary update and that appreciate the quality and value of a piece. This couldn't be a truer point.. Investing in style is important. You do feel good knowing you're wearing quality after all.  Sheila said that they keep to core basics too and invest in the cut and styling process very heavily as a brand... Did you know that their latest Trench coat is made of 37 (!!) design pieces..That's some detail.

The price point of Jaeger is higher than the disposable fashion on the high street but let's face it, those pieces aren't for life..? Jaeger is luxurious quality for value! As a side note, there was a lady at the talk last night in a Jaeger suit she had bought in 1985!! What do you think her cost per wear is now?!! 

Back to Sunday...

I took my time to choose some investment pieces from Jaeger...After a lot of trying on, I finally went with the cotton denim shirt, a tortoiseshell bracelet and the wool silk petal dress and then as we left, Jaeger generously gifted us with the limited edition silk scarf that's been commissioned to celebrate their sponsorship of Bath in Fashion 2015 and a gorgeous scented candle! 

At home after the event.. Caffeine and candles...

Generous gifts from Lancòme at Jollys!

Bloggers and shopping bags!

The cotton denim shirt

With all this Jaeger love, I nearly forgot to share the outfit I wore for the event at the Bath Assembly Rooms " Conversations Of Style" event last night...Of course, this is the new Jaeger dress and the limited edition silk scarf!

Gorgeous fragrant candles - Mine is 1884, the year Jaeger was founded.

A shot of new season pieces with historic archived items from Jaeger last night.

Now my eyes have been opened to Jaeger, it won't surprise you to know that there's a lust list! 


The cotton denim shirt - available here
Silk tank top - available here
Marylebone red bag (as shown in my last post) - available here
Grey *Gostwyck top - available here 
Cotton trousers (I've ordered these already- shown in my last post) - available here
Stunning suede A-Line 70's skirt - available here
Wide waist belt - available here
Leather bag - available here
Marylebone tote in the most amazing orange tone - available here
Waisted trench dress - available here

*I learnt that Gostwyck is a small heard of sheep from down under that are also known as 'Happy Sheep'.. they rome free and give the most beautiful (and machine washable!!) wool! Read more here.

Thank you to Jaeger for hosting such a fantastic day, the insights and my new desire for the brand! 

For more information on the rest of the events this week, please click here.

Have you invested in Jaeger, what are your favourite pieces from my lust list?




  1. I love Jaeger always worth a visit to the Outlet shop in Birmingham - love the denim shirt on you xx

    1. It's definitely a new crush of mine! Where's this outlet you speak of... : ) x

    2. Great Western Arcade, not far from Snow Hill definitely worth a visit or online jaeger outlet xx

  2. You look so gorge!!!
    Such lovely pieces in the range....I'd go for the sleeveless coat dress thingy :)))


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