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12 Outfits Of Christmas…Insanity

Ok, the outfit isn't insane… No.

Insanity is INSANE! 

Insanity being the high end cardio workout that I threw myself in to yesterday morning! I'm a gym gal but ya' know, Crimbo hasn't been kind to ones waist line so thought (along with the masses), I'd give Insanity a bash….

I'm presuming the marketeers that came up with the name had done the class prior to coming up with the name.

My face was red before the warm up was done…The rest is a big ball of fast moving sweaty history.

Same time next week.

This leads me to yesterdays outfit…After the class I had a tonne of (should have done these sooner) chores to get done before a full on week back at work…Practical was the only optional.

Buy the look here…

My coatigan was from ASOS last year (and been a great buy) - buy similar here and here
Jeans - buy here
Primark pointed skaters - buy similar here (really nice!!)
Sophie Hulme bag - buy similar here
Black roll neck - buy similar here

Has anyone else tried/survived Insanity? Any tips? 

I hope you Monday was kind!




  1. This post made me laugh - I love the feeling of achievement I get from completing an Insanity class, and it's such a short one compared to all the others that I always think, 'Oh is that it?' when it finishes. At the same time, I hate every second while I'm doing it. I find that shouting 'I hate you' over and over again at the instructor when he's standing in front of you trying to get you to lift your knees higher really helps :-)

    Becky x

    1. Crikey…I think my instructor is keen then, my class is an hour!! Twice a week… ECK!

      Hahaha!! I hate you… I don't even have the energy to think in the class :-) xx

  2. I have a couple of friends who have done it at home, and nearly made themselves ill! It's a tough one, but I am sure its worth the pain! xx

    1. WOW! Really? I'm doing it twice a week at the gym and actually.. (second time done), I really like it! x

  3. I tried the DVD but decided as I've never been in the paras it wasn't for me! Did my first hot yoga class this week though and loved it.

    1. Hahaha!! It's good when you do a class…. I LOVE hot yoga, give it a few weeks and you'll notice a real difference x


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