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While Santa's Away…

Karen will play!! 

*Disclaimer - The photos you will see are far from brilliant… It appears my NEX5 doesn't like -20 and it was down to making the best of it with the iPhone*

I'm just back from the most incredible 4 days away in Lapland…To be honest, Lapland hadn't been high on my 'visit list'...I mean, it's ridiculously cold and when my itinerary noted 'mountain wear', I really thought Lapland and I weren't gonna' get along - HOW.WRONG.COULD.I.HAVE.BEEN!!

The trip was for my Company's 'International Elite' performers and as such, 30 or so of us gathered for an incredible few days in North Finland.

The itinerary was rammed full of winter activities and started with the Lapland Safari - a 122km trek on snowmobiles with a break half way through for Husky sleighing and a 'rustic' lunch!

We were provided with snow suits (basically heavy as hell but, super warm all in ones)… The trick with 'winter wear' is in the layering…loads of 'em!!! Under the snow suit I piled on the layers and can highly recommend Mountain Warehouse for these - incredible quality base layers, merino wool (so still look and fit well) and sooooo reasonable on the price point!!

Remember this sweatshirt with the casj snow suit styling?!
The suit hides the fact that the food over there is sooo good!!
Man alive… these aren't the usual choice but, the 'snow boots' were perfect for the activities!
Grateful for the built in hand warmers on the handle bars!
122km of Narnia views!
Snowmobile roads - they leave no room for error!
That evening we went slightly north to the Snow Village which, is basically a hotel and restaurant made outta' snow and ice!! Every November they build the hotel and it's open from December to April… Yep, just 5 months and then they melt it and start again…every year building it bigger and better!! The hotel is maintained at a cool -2 to -6 and is an incredible work of art!!

The entrance...
Hotel corridors…the place is like a rabbit warren!
The bedrooms are all individually designed and they are (apart from being cold) works of art!;

The 'Shark' suite...
The lighting in the Shark Suite made it hard to get any half decent pictures…The bed is made from ICE with a fleece mattress and apparently, all you need is the special sleeping bag they provide and ONE layer of bed clothes (?!!!) and you'll be toasty!

There's no power in the rooms nor, bathroom facilities…Basically, it's a pretty ice cave and mattress!

Floral carvings on the walls in another suite..
Egyptian themed room and ice headboard in foreground!
After a tour of the hotel we went into the Ice Chapel (yes, they have one of these too!!) for our recognition awards ceremony. The pew's were of course, made of ice too...

The pink lighting made photos on the iPhone impossible!
 FYI - I'm not carrying a handbag, this was my prize!!

At the table in the ice restaurant...
The prize bag…(Photo bomb from my in-room reindeer!)

Out with the Bic, in with the Mont Blanc!
Day 2 was crammed packed with more activities, starting with Winter Olympics…;

1) Snow mobile slalom (on a frozen lake!!!)
2) 5 a side snow football in knee high snow...
3) Quad bike course in deep snow...
4) Tandem skiing…(2 people sharing one set of skis…height/pace size disadvantage!!)
5) Fire building...
6) Sprints….IN THESE!!! ;

Snow shoes for sprinting!

I stayed in a resort called Levi at The Sokos Hotel and can highly recommend the trip, even if you're not in to the whole 'winter holiday' thing!!

Levi is a fairly small resort yet, has everything you need from pubs to quite possibly the most incredible restaurant I've ever eaten in!!

Knee deep on the edge of the snow mobile roads - this was the 'shallow' bit!
This week I'm expecting numerous deliveries that I can't wait to share with you, I've been hauling whilst waiting for flights… What's a girl to do?!


  1. Looks fab!
    Well played for working the Marant into the mix :)

    1. It was incredible, thanks sweet!! Pleased the Marant matched the suit to be honest ;-) x

  2. Brrrr looks chilly. Look forward to reading about your new purchases. Lucie xx

    1. There are no words to describe the cold!! First new purchases up now ;-) x

  3. What is it with companies awarding pens, mine does the same! I know they are pricey but is it wrong that I would rather have the equivalent in Zara vouchers?

    1. I don't know, I'm over the moon with mine :-)


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