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What's Been Happening...?


It's me, typing... Having a go with my laptop to see how it goes.

Why the big deal?

In August I took ill with Meningitis and unfortunately for me, Encephalitis too. Don't Google the latter, it doesn't make particularly nice reading. Three months ago I couldn't type and spell, let alone read! In fact, I couldn't pick my daughter up, care for much, my short term memory and I had parted company (and still have to a point). I was a bit all over the place really. 

The good news is that I have been very lucky! 

After two weeks in the hands of Hotel NHS (and a lot of drugs), I thought I'd be home to rest and recover and be back to normal within a couple of weeks....

That was in September. 

There's been lots of resting and rehab going on and now, as I'm starting to feel more like me, I'm trying to do new things most days - hence this post.

There's a few of things I want to shout about...;

1) I've updated my blog home page and now you will see a page called "Shop My Wardrobe". This is the Aladin's Cave of find items I'm buying, similar pieces or items on the ever growing wishlist.

2) Style Swap - Happening this Thursday evening in Bristol is a fabulous event to raise funds for local charity "Life for a Cure" - A Meningitis charity. The event will be packed with the leading Stylists from Bristol who are opening up their wardrobes for you to swap or buy. For more info and to buy tickets - click here. I hope to be able to come along for an hour or so as I'm donating my first ever Gucci bag... fingers crossed to see you!

3) I have a new format I'm playing with for my blog posts... Below I've added in a slider of all the pieces I have been buying of late (or similar), you can click on these to take you through to have a look or buy. Going forward, I'll be giving more styling advice on pieces - how to wear and restyle to get your monies worth!

4) Traditionally, the world thinks that rashes are a sign of Meningitis - I didn't have a rash. This was the only symptom I didn't have and unfortunately, the first few Doctors I had seen hadn't picked up on this either.

That's me done. This has taken a day to write (!!) and I've read and re-read this post, I hope that it makes sense.

Thanks for all your love and support in the last few months, you guys are AMAZING!


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