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I Should Coco...

Those of you that follow me on Instagram may have noticed that I've just had a birthday and as such, Mr G's credit card is still trying to regroup following some significant use.

Don't get me wrong, I love a gift, especially one draped in Chanel packaging so when I had full reign I thought with my head - GET A BAG, GET THE BAG.

I bought the medium Chanel 2.55 in black with gold hardware. 

It is was beautiful, very beautiful.


As you know, we had a baby girl 3 months ago and I'm currently on maternity leave - the 2.55 equates to me being able to take another 3 months off work - Yep 2.55 = 3 extra months at home with my girl.

Guess what happened next...Head and heart met in the middle and decided that I want the precious moments and not the bag. There will be a bag, just not this bag (for now).

The second purchase didn't become a victim though... The Chanel brooch stays.

Due to the fact the I'm spending time with my girl, I haven't had a minute to get some good shots of the brooch yet however, it did get it's first outing last week.


Chanel brooch with black and white pearls - buy here.
Faux leather skirt - buy here.
Off the shoulder batwing knit - buy here
Mesh peep toe shoeboots (major bargain buy too!!) - buy here.
Reiss bag (last season) - similar here.
What would you have done? Would you do the same?



  1. Oh Karen: you good girl you! And yes, I would have done the same. It's worth enjoying those precious baby months, it really is. I'm in a quandary: my son is going to turn 8, and missed out on a £275 Lego Death Star set last c'mas because Lego retired it. It took me too long to make sure all family would donate cash etc etc, felt terrible. They've just released a new Death Star but now is 399! We feel it's too much, and I would be tapping into my Chloe Susanna savings... I feel £400 is too much on plastic bricks, right? I'm such a #selfishmother
    Enjoy your time with Oliva xx

    1. Thank you so so much!!

      How much for Lego?! I guess I have all this to come - Barbie palaces?! xx

  2. Yes I would have done the same! Nothing compares to that precious time you get to have with your baby, that phase disappears so quickly and you can get a bag anytime!

    1. Thank you! You can't buy time can you!! xx

  3. There will be other bags but these days are over in the blink of an eye. Mine are 14, 12 and 10 now and I literally cannot believe it. Good decision!!

    1. Thanks Michelle! The time is flying by, everyday brings new miracles doesn't it xx


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