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So Anyway...

...I've had a very beautiful baby girl, she's just turned 3 months old and I'm ready to bring Mission:Style (plus 1) back!

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know I've not been completely AWOL but now, as of today, the blog is baaaaaack! 

There's loads to catch up on as the last 3 months have been frenzy of night feeds* (*read internet shopping), flat shoes, sleep deprivation (which I can see why it's used as a form of torture now), trying to squeeze myself into my old jeans and being a kick ass Mummy!! 

The first outfit I want to share is the latest in my new mummy wardrobe... 

1) Flat Shoes - Not even Vicky Beckham nails heels and pushing a buggy. It's been strangely liberating to kick off the 10cm boosters and stroll in calf-forgiving backless loafers. After leading the trends in SS16, the Gucci inspo just keeps on giving, these and the black floral version are the perfect nod to this and a steal too!! Buy the leopard here and the black floral here.

2) Loose fit jeans with a chunky turn up - Thanks God for Zara - the High Street hero nails it again. get these here.

3)The Slogan Tee - Everywhere right now...This one reads "Plan...but not too much". ..If there was ever a tee written for me, this is it. Buy here.

4) The Biker Jacket - Years and years (no lie!) of searching and here it is...Petite, not too heavy on the hardware and faux. Yep, £48 buys a very decent biker y'all!! Buy here in petite and here in normal gal sizes.

That's me for tonight - Normal service is coming back oh oh and, if you didn't already catch it, click here to read my interview with Femail... They are beyond lovely about me (insert blushing emoji).




  1. Nice to have you back and lots of congratulations on your precious baby girl. Fab start with some animal print, I love those shoes! x


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