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Outfits Of Instagram - Part 2

Slightly later than billed...

Yeah, soz about that - it's been a bit of a week, all topped off with a Gestational Diabetes diagnosis #TRIFFIC. 

No wonder the constant 'hit by a bus' feeling wouldn't go away.

Sugar and it's carbohydrate-ing mates were pretty much the only vices I had left #DOUBLETRIFFIC

Just to clear up a myth (*warning - I will become violent if anyone dares to go there), Gestational Diabetes is not bought on by stuffing your face with cakes/biscuits/lard whilst pregnant - it is the pregnant body not being able to process glucose etc. End of.

Of course, if any of you darlings have been or, are going through it, do feel free to drop me a note - we can talk meal plans, blood testing and crazy spikes.

Back to Instagram...
*Warning - the below contains a lot of selfies and some flat-laying.

The lead pic (a changing room selfie no less), in Ivy Park - the hyped BeyoncĂ© collection in Topshop. 
I was really pleasantly surprised by:
i) the volume of stock in store
ii) the knowledge and passion of the staff about the new line
iii) that they stocked a XXS which a 5 year old could find snug (*thoughts of a rounded 29 week preggers gal)
iv) the incredible quality of the pieces.
v) the excellent price point.
The top I'm wearing over the bump is a 'small' - All of the tops seem generous in size, the leggings, not so. Buy the top here. Also, if you love a slide (flip flop to you, Mum) - these are #trending.

Check the entire range here.


Totally impractical for a Mama-to-be but good God, it's incredible!! This is from the latest H&M Premium Quality drop, it's the most incredible mustard colour annnnnnnd, 100% real suede. The solid bamboo (not so real) handles are amazing and there's a detachable matching clutch inside too.
It's not cheap, cheap but, it makes a statement, non? 

Think - these incredible jeans (post pregnancy wish list), a white shirt and this bag. It's too good to be true.

Buy the bag here.

The shoes, them's the Zara ones being hyped right now - I went up a size in these to allow for the inevitable swelling. 
Buy them in white here and black here.


The Gucci Soho Disco bag was an incredible investment a couple of summers ago - it just keeps on giving. It's a bit of a Mary Poppins number too, I managed to ram this full today with all the new blood testing gear, snacks and a Bobby Brown lip crayon.

Buy a similar shade to mine here and the perfectly justifiable staple black, here.


I've been hunting FOR.EVER for a new khaki jacket and this one, does the job - especially for it's £18 price tag. Yep, if you can arsed to drag yourselves to your nearest Primark , they are constantly restocking this favourite. If, you can't/won't face the experience, shop reasonably priced here too. 

That khaki ain't going anywhere so, get investing.


New edition to the wardrobe, the kinda' biker from the Mango sale - It fits everywhere apart from the obvious bump so I'm taking a flyer on it as it's the absolute softest, buttery-ness of leather. It's sold out online but I'm sure they'll be some in store still. Soz.

The jeans are my favourite H&M maternity pair.

Buy here.

Them Stan Smith Luxes' - similar here


The sell-out pink satin (effect) bomber was back in Topshop this week however, no links for an online spree.

No fear, you gotta' love this one (maybe even more...?) 

The double Farthing gold necklace was snagged after seeing it on The Fashion Lift , it's a winner for summer and is unlikely to leave my neck for sometime - buy here.

That's it, dragging PG out to take photos will resume shortly, until then - come and say Hi over on Instagram and (the newly obsessing over) Snapchat (user name MissionStyleUK).




  1. Pain about your GD. My 11 year old was diagnosed type one a year ago and copes amazingly well. It is a faff though. You won't have it for long or I would suggest using a freestyle libre for blood glucose monitoring.

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