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Au Revoir Paris...

It feels a bit weird saying 'until next time' to Paris when I actually left 2 weeks ago… So much has happened and the lack of 'regular' posts from me are again due to the fact that following that pesky pleurisy in the last 6 weeks,  I've only gone and got me a chest infection now….TOTAL WIPE OUT!! 

I'm sure that this is it for me, it's so not on trend to be ill and I don't do ill! 

Back to happier more errrm, French times and the last outfit :-) 

This outfit was a 'day to night' outfit…Bascially, last minute change of plan and we decided to go out early, rock up at a Palace, queue, walk (miles), queue, do a boat tour, see all of the sights and go to dinner…Oh and drink a ridiculous amount of wine.

The outfit of choice…New Zara jeans and shirt (with mandatory stripes)..

Silk shirt from Zara, similar here // Jeans from Zara, similar here // Sandals from H&M, buy here and now only £10!!! // Gucci Disco, similar here // ASOS Kitten eye glasses, buy here // Gucci Disco, similar here. 

Of course when in Paris, you have to do the sights… We started early (ish) on the Saturday and jumped on a train to Versailles to go see the Palace. The train was 6€ ish return and just half hour or so from the city. Versailles is a beautiful little town with an enormous Palace ..Oh, and queues… The queues… OMG, THE.QUEUES. I can only liken the queueing system to something at Disney… You join long snaking queues for tickets, then you go to another queue to get in, then…. and so on! 

The Palace is pretty spectacular and well worth a visit, just make sure you go as early as you can as by mid afternoon the queues had got insane! Also, when buying your tickets make sure you buy a dual ticket…Inside the Palace and then also, the gardens! 

I can also recommend the Batobus Boat Tour that takes you a long the Seine…It stops off at all the main attractions whilst, also letting you sit back and take it all from the water too.

That's it, Paris….DONE! 

I loved the trip to Paris, the time with my amazing girlfriends, seeing the beautiful city that is and also, I  loved getting to dress up and be a little bit fabulous ;-) 

I hope you've enjoyed the Parisienne series, make sure you check out my bestie's posts too.




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