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Meanwhile, Over On Instagram...

I'm completely obsessed (no exaggerating) with Instagram… I could spend hours on there getting inspiration and just generally, nosing around!

I thought I'd share a couple of the latest pics from my feed (and a couple more) as there's a new sale buy to showcase and also, the 'Black and White' party outfit…

The Top... 

I picked this top up in the Zara sale and have been gagging to get it on… I love the colours,backless style and that I don't have anything like it at all! I can't find the top online but it was in store when I last checked.

I wore this yesterday… Me and the hangover were practically dragged out at 4pm to finish off birthday celebrations with a friend… I'd literally washed my hair and pulled it back (without any care) for a day of feeling sorry for me and aforementioned hangover….I didn't expect to be going out in public, hence needing to wear the new top when I did!

It took one glass of cider and a huge plate of chilli chips to feel remotely human…This clearly worked as we retired (with wine) to my back garden..Which, was also a good excuse to show off my new Ibiza style garden furniture…*happy face*

The birthday girl not looking 40!!

The Black & White Party...

I've known about this party and the black and white theme for months... I was reasonably calm/organised/considered about the outfit until, I changed my mind at the last minute…(why do we do it to ourselves!)

This was the end result (that's a stupid and obvious statement) and nothing like I was gonna' wear, that said, I was pleased with how I chucked it together just before our lift arrived!

The skirt was from F&F, the sandals from Primark, both last summer. The J Crew clutch needs no introduction and then the crop top, that's new. ;-)

The crop top is new in in River Island and VERY flattering…(I'm so getting every colour)!

The only piece available now from my outfit is the crop top so, I've scoured the world wide webasphere to give you links to recreate (if you like..)

Crop top - River Island, buy here.
Striped skirt - River Island, buy here.
Sandals - Alexander McQueen (half price!), buy here.
Clutch - Marc Jacobs, The Outnet (also half price!!), buy here.


This is definitely a #latergram…I love a good 'from where I stand'…You don't have to worry what your face is doing for a start…I wore this last Monday for my 'end of shopping ban shopping trip'!

To be honest, I'd totally forgotten about these patterned trews (a Zara buy last summer) so was totally made up when I worked out (accidentally) that there was some love between them and my Sophie Hulme Mini Envelope bag!

I'll leave you with this… I posted this on Instagram last week after seeing it somewhere (could be anywhere the time I spend browsing) and I LOVE IT!! The world is swamped with motivational quotes etc but this one, this one stood out to me ;-)

Come and join me on Instagram


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