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It turns out that River Island is my new go-to for work clothes,  the Amex has been massaged quite nicely this week! 

The shirt has a split/dipped hem and will absolutely work with leather trousers at cocktail hour- buy here and here in black. (it's described as a t-shirt online, it's not)

The culottes are clearly meant for those blessed with more height than me, generously sized - buy here.

The bag is a newbie too, picked up on the way back to the car (one can't resist an offer) - Buy here.

My favourite Rupert Sanderson shoes - buy similar here.

In other River Island related work gear news, this black top is a lifesaver!! High neck, reverse collar oh, and of course, black. If you find it in any other colour, let me know, I'm bulk buying! I have TWO of these already on rotation. Buy here in black.

Wishing you all a fab week! 




  1. I'm completely in love with that pencil skirt. Do you mind if I ask where you bought it xx

    1. I'm so sorry... It's an old one from a store in Oz called Marcs...Thank you x

  2. I worked in River Island for 3 years when I was at college / first year of university - so we are talking 1998 - 2001. I spent ALL my earnings back in the shop with my discount, I just loved it so much!

    Now I never ever even set foot in the shop. I'm not sure why, it just totally fell off my radar and then the odd mooch about I did take the last few years it was all spandex and neon... The bags are good though, I've always liked the bags. From afar, as in across the concourse when I spot them in the shop window ;-)

    Maybe next time I pop to town it's time for a look at their workwear!


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