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If You Had 25% Off In Warehouse...

If only I'd known this last week...

That said, there's still a haul to be had in Warehouse this season and it's just been made a whole lot more appealing with 25% off with this week's Grazia. 

In a bid to justify some of the seasonal basics/trends, I've put together some ideas for your inspiration (and my justification).

Board 1 - So me...

So I'm a sucker for khaki, denim and stripes, one really can't own too many of any of them...

I wore some old khaki skinnies the other day and have fallen for them again so these ones are a must. A new striped top wouldn't go a miss either, especially as this could be dressed up a bit too.
I have a lot of denim/chambray shirts... still, this one is pretty lovely with 25% off.
Yep, the fringed bag is everywhere and I love mine very much, what can I say - invest.
A peep toe ankle boot with a non breakneck heel - these will see you through the season and into AW15.
I've just bought the shorts of these blush peg leg trousers, the colour is incredible (and the only colour in my wardrobe)
A cut out duffle bag is perfect for Spring and will tick the boxes for that holiday bag too.

Board 2 - Throwing back...

Nude tones (spot my favourite shades) with high neck and boxy cut - what's not to love?
The first viewing of this belt, it will be mine.
I neeeeed a new shopper, this tan one is in my basket already!
I have my petite fit flares already and they ain't going anywhere soon - these are good buy.
Another nude nod to this bag, it smacks of Chloe at a smidgen of the price.

Board 3 - Denim and tan...

I already have big plans for this look, just add white sneaks/Converse/heeled sandals...

Big sunnies and I are always at one.
Could this be the tan belt of the season...I could wear this with everything.
I'm a bit denim dress happy at the moment... the count is up to 3, possibly 4 now.
The structured bucket bag is a good substitute for it's hard-to-get inspiration piece.

Board 4 - The everydays...

Khaki is the new black? This set is a complete mix and match inspo for me.

The black high neck cami is the very same I wore at the weekend and an absolute bargain at full price!
The sleeveless pocket blouse could well be a strong purchase - thinking leather trousers and several pairs of peg leg that I have (also, the return to work too).
Sometimes a tee is all you need - I lack chuck-on tops so heavily considering this one.
Khaki- tick. Joggers - tick. Going in my basket - TICK.
These shoes...I'm obsessing with flats and ankle straps - these would work with all of these pieces.
This denim jacket has been on my favourites list for a while *moved to basket*
Featured for the second time in this post and secured for delivery are these khaki skinnies.
We all need a fringed bag in our lives, this one is a teeny percentage of it's high-end twins... It works great with this set and also with denim.

Board 5 - Far from neutral...

The nude clutch again, so much time for this.
This gypsy off the shoulder top is a key trend and perfect for avoiding strap tan lines.
That tan shopper, again.
More tan, more bags - I just can't help myself. The gold disc is subtle and just perfect.
The first of 3 skirts - the length of this one is perfect for me so it's in the virtual basket.
I already have the utility wrap skirt and as much as I love it, it's about 2 inches too long for me *sadness*
The third skirt, a 60's a-line skirt is box-pleat-tastic and worth it's weight in camel gold - a good investment for AW15 too.
Palm print clutch - tonal and perfect with the nude outfit selection and also a hardworking piece with denim.

Would you believe that this is just a small selection of the favourites. 

Oh and just in case you're interested...The code is WHGRAZIA25 

(you're welcome).

Warehouse SS15 game, STRONG! 

If we could just get a few more degrees on that temperature then we are good to go! 



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  1. I like the stripey top and those khaki shorts! Sooo cute! Discount in Warehouse can be deadly...

    Tara x


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