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Late Summer Love...

Could it be that these sandals are the most amazing things I've ever bought…?


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A couple of weeks ago, during the more horrible 'resting to shake this virus' time there had been a huge clatter from the hallway that totally disturbed my staring into space like state… There it was fresh through the door, the new season H&M book! 

I hauled (for my health purposes) and within days (surprisingly fast for H&M), the goods arrived. Luckily (for the bank balance), the majority doesn't fit/look right but the sandals, they are (in a very grand statement), £19.99 worth of perfection!! 

1) Contain all my favourites… snakeskin, tan and black
2) They literally feel like they are cushioned… think M&S meets Clarks meets slippers…HONEST! 
3) The teeny tiniest of heels….just so you're not totally flat!

You can buy the sandals here.

I truly expect that my 2015 self is going to be very grateful for this late summer investment! In the meantime, I will be road testing them on the street s of Paris later this week!!

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