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Vegas - Part 2

The incredible Bellagio fountains!

I finished yesterday's first Vegas post realising that there was no way I could wrap up the week there in just another post… This means there is one more to come after this one! 

This post is more on Vegas by day (and of course, some outfits)… To be honest, you only know it's the day if you step outside the hotels… The casinos don't have windows or clocks…CLEVER! The whole plan is to make you sit and gamble your pennies away!! 

The weather was a bit changeable… roasting hot one afternoon and bloody nippy with gale-force winds the next...

Vegas Advice #5 - On your feet...

Before going to Vegas I had no idea of the scale of it…You can't just pop to the hotel next door or run out to the shop..The Strip is enormous, made up of malls, hotels and bars! Not realising that,  we set off to explore and only covered a tiny part in one day - My advice, comfortable shoes and a plan (I failed on both!). My feet were in tatters by the end of day 2. If you are gonna' work The Strip, its best to cover in segments, as opposed to spending 6 and a half hours (!!!!) walking up one side (I kid you not).

New York, New York

We didn't get time to walk around this one…It looked pretty amazing from the front although in my head, it looked more like a film set full of frontages and that one swift kick would have had the lot down… Anyway, there's a mad roller coaster running through it (for which you can hear the screams for miles!)...It loops, I didn't even consider it as an option once I knew that!

Vegas Advice #6 - The Hotels...

The concept of walking 'round hotels was a little odd to me - why stay inside? Well, they are spectacular, truly surreal and complete pieces of art whilst, being perfect replicas for the intended themes! The Vegas trick is to keep you in them… They are like mazes, all centred around the casino!

It's unlikely that in a few days you could fit them all in - My top recommendations would be;

The Venetian - You have to take the gondola ride, even if it is a little awkward being serenaded to throughout! The mall inside is amazing and the painted ceilings are trippy - They are painted to look like the sky…the clouds look like they are moving, they aren't…It's weird, yet wonderful.

Caesars Palace - The shopping in here is amazing!! There are a load of malls on The Strip, this one has it all - High end, high street and American brands such as Abercrombie and Nike. On that, as standard Abercrombie was a load cheaper, Nike, not so but, the choices were endless! There's also loads of options for some 'cheap' snack food too!

The Bellagio - The fountains, if nothing else, you have to watch the fountains. They start every day at 2pm and go off every 15-30 minutes until midnight - each show varies, different music, different choreography… I thought that the casino was dated - drapes, shades of brown with (like in all of the casions out there) a faint scent of bleach and stale cigarette smoke….

The Wynn - Celeb spotting!! The place to been seen...

Riding the gondola at The Venetian

Paris, Las Vegas

Vegas Advice #7 - Prove it…

It's a major ball ache but, always carry your ID, even if you aren't drinking, you'll need it when using bank cards, and you'll need them!

Vegas is not cheap - 1 beer and 1 vodka with diet coke was around £15!! That said, the novelty Paris balloon ceramic cocktail glass filled with rum, lemon slush and tequila was only $18!!!

Saturday afternoon drinks, standard!


The last Saturday there was overcast and even, a bit chilly…I hadn't packed for this so instead, re-wore some black skinny jeans and ripped the tag off my new J.Crew breton top that I picked up earlier in the week.  Note the Nikes - my feet were totally broken and the thought of walking in anything other than cotton wool balls was hell, these were the next best things!

Another (sunnier) day walking The Strip.

Cami - That new one featured in Part 1 from Mango. Buy here.
Skirt - Zara quilted number from last summer.
Aviators - Michael Kors

Vegas Advice #8 - Breakfast...

Like most of the US, breakfast isn't standard in hotels but fear not, Vegas has plenty to choose from. As our party had arranged breakfast/brunch vouchers for us, we tended to stick to the Bellagio. The choice of foods were completely mind blowing…full roast dinner for breakfast?! Still, the Americans know how to cater and anything you could think of was on offer! If you do buy the breakfast buffet tickets (or any of the buffets in Vegas), I highly recommend you also buy queue jumper passes!! Vegas is similar to Disney; Queues that loop around corners and seem to go on forever…40-50 minutes is a standard wait if you time it wrong however, the queue jumper got you right to the front and once you get past the glares from those without the 'line pass' and a table was available, you were good to go!

There is always at least one mighty hangover day… Maxi dress and big sunnies…Standard!!

Maxi Dress - Topshop, last summer. This is petite and they have similar here.
Sandals - Pull and Bear as featured here.
Sunglasses - Accessorise - Olivia. Buy here.
Necklace - Leaf necklace, really old, I have no clue where from!

I only managed one afternoon by the pool - Again, the Bellagio know how to do pools!

Dress - (more stripes) Cotton On, picked up in Australia last year.
Sandals - Them Pull and Bear ones!!
Sunglasses - Accessorise.

I forgot to post this one yesterday and actually missed the amazing bit about going to Hoover Dam - The 15 (or so) convertible Mustang convoy out to it!! If you are wanting to travel out of Vegas, get a flip top roof and cruise The Strip!! 

Until the final instalment… x


  1. Another ledge post :)

    T totally had the same experience trying to walk the strip!

    Majorly jell of all your stripes (natch) and your sneaks :)

    1. Thanks again darl!! The strip is hard work, non?!

      Stripes obsession is out of control!


  2. Looking forward to the next instalment.
    Sue x

  3. That Mango cami is gorgeous...I was spying the red one, but you're making me change my mind to the blue now!

    1. Thanks!! I love the red one too... Watch this space ; ) x


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